Case Study: Synthetic Media for Sales Training

The challenge

A telecommunications company was tasked with creating virtual customer stories for sales training purposes. Customer stories are typically videos featuring customers sharing their experiences with a sales team during their buying journey, providing a sales perspective to help salespeople better understand their customers.

Their team would typically produce these videos by finding suitable actors, planning logistics, creating scripts, and shooting footage. However, this traditional approach to video production had limitations such as lack of flexibility, high costs, and lengthy production times. The team also faced difficulties finding real customers willing to appear in the videos, which caused delays in the project.

The solution

To overcome these challenges, the telecommunications company turned to Synthetic Media Services (SM) technology, a technology that enables the creation of videos using AI avatars and real salespeople. With this technology, the team could provide us customer scripts and we would select their avatar and generate the video. Salespeople would then respond to the information provided by the AI avatar, and a sales perspective would be added to the video using a talking head bubble.

The results

The telecommunications company conducted initial testing and was impressed with the authenticity of the avatars and the effectiveness of this new training method. They were also able to create high-quality sales training videos at scale, saving time and costs compared to outsourcing their traditional video production to an external provider. Our team intergrated the AI video technology into their offerings and could quickly respond to customer challenges with bite-sized learning content specifically designed to drive more sales.