How a SaaS company used AI video to save $100,000 on video production

Case Study

Key Results:

$100,000 video production savings

80% average video view duration

200% increase in video view retention

The Challenge:

The Learning and Development team at a SaaS company were tasked with converting instructor-led classroom training into eLearning courses for their academy. These courses are accessed by their large customer base and their partners.

In the pursuit of developing eLearning videos, the team utilized voice recordings and experimented with in-house video production. However, both methods presented noteworthy challenges:

  1. Complicated Planning: Coordinating filming sessions proved to be a significant obstacle due to the geographical dispersion of instructors and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). The process was both logistically demanding and financially burdensome for their team.
  2. Lack of Flexibility: The production of videos and voice-overs emerged as a resource-intensive and time-consuming venture for the team. Once completed, implementing updates became a formidable challenge, adding a layer of complexity and expense to their overall endeavor.
  3. Busy SMEs: Engaging SMEs in the recording of voice-overs proved to be a time-consuming task, amplifying their already demanding schedules. This additional workload posed challenges for the team in effectively harnessing the SMEs' expertise for eLearning content development.

In our attempt to record previously, we encountered a time-consuming process. The setup involving the green screen and multiple retakes proved to be a lengthy endeavor. Additionally, given the frequent changes in our software product, maintaining up-to-date videos became a constant need. -- Content Developer

The Solution

With AI Powered Video Solution, the team can now quickly create eLearning videos. The script gets uploaded into AI platform, adding the screen recording and content for each scene and the video is ready to be uploaded to the Learning Management System (LMS).


Ease of use: The platform includes all the necessary video editing features to create high-quality training videos without the need for any prior editing knowledge.

Avatar quality: The available avatars are capable of performing controlled gestures and have industry-leading lip sync.

The Results

The team are impressed after one year and have achieved impressive results for their company:

Video at scale: In the last quarter alone, the team created hours of videos for multiple training requests.

Cost savings: By using Synthetic Media services to create videos, the team saved approximately $100,000 that would have otherwise been spent on outsourcing the work to voice-over artists or video production companies.

Time savings: They can now create an entire 3-minute training video in less than half a working day.

Improved average view duration: Since incorporating AI video, the team was able to increase their already impressive average watch percentage to 80%.

Increased video consumption: Previously, videos had about a 1-minute retention, but since using Synthetic Media, this has increased to 3 minutes.